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Things for Week of 12/12/11

1. All Paulsboro Forms and Monies need to be in by Tuesday night. Cost to parents will be $15. Paulsboro charging us $20/kid and the team is picking up $5 of that. Any issues please text Maria 609-617-1773.
2. Singlets will be distributed Mon & Tues at practice. A handful of kids will not have until Wednesday due to order shipment. Please see Sharon at practice or text Maria with questions.
3. Due to an illness at the printer, our shirts/shorts will not arrive until right before pictures. They will be handed out picture night Thursday. Please dress wrestler in singlet and we will have shirt/shorts to put over that.
4. Team pictures Thursday. Ages 7 and up at 6pm. Tots (4-5-6 yr old) at 6:45. If you have both come either time. Don’t want tots waiting too long for team pic. Once individual picture taken, wait for team picture. PLEASE follow all instructions given by board. We are doing pictures, Corbi’s, weigh ins and raffle collection all the same night.
5. Raffles are due Thursday night. If you have earlier it would be very helpful. All checks payable to Highland Jr. Wrestling.
6. Please come into practices for information. We are moving very fast on a lot of things and if you don’t come in for 15 minutes you will miss it.

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