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Mid-Season Re-iterations

Recently there have been multiple infractions of a rule that was clearly stated at more than one practice at beginning of season, as well as prior years.

We are a TEAM. If Highland Jr. Wrestling is attending an event, meaning if we have it on our schedule and we are submitting wrestlers to a tournament, it is a Highland team event and all wrestlers MUST be in Highland singlet and be coached by a Highland Coach.

You are more than welcome to get outside wrestling from any club or coach, however, ONLY Highland coaches are allowed on the mats at any Highland event. Entering a wrestler into a tournament we attend as a team puts him in as our OPPONENT and often puts him against his own Highland teammate where it would be avoided if registered together.

This is the last time this is going to be said. If ANY Highland wrestler attends a Highland event in a singlet other than the issued Highland singlet, will be in direct violation of this team rule and could result in expulsion from the organization.

Match conduct: Yelling at referees, coaches and kids will NOT be tolerated. Zero tolerance. If you have problem take it to one of our coaches. If you are not happy with results, escalate to Tom Carbone or Tom Myers. Please watch your children during practices and matches. We are not a babysitting service. We take great care, time and patience to deliver a quality organization for your children and we appreciate those who comply with the rules.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tom Myers at 609-617-7962 or email tmyers@highlandwrestling.com

Thank you

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